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Advanced Technology Advantage

Focusing on the Virtual World, our intellectual minds are growing parallel, joining hands with Technology of new era.

Augmented Reality

With AR in the game, things around us, even if it’s your room, becomes lot more interesting. Our team of dedicated engineers, and artists, will forever make sure, when it comes to AR, you would always look into our ideas.

The next IKEA Place or the Google Lens will come from our labs.

Artificial Intelligence

People say data is the new oil, and we swear by it. There’s crops of data lying around us, all we need is a baker to convert it into a cake. From SIRI to self-driving cars, we are ideating AI to build the next big thing in the world. Our marketing strategies is merged with AI which builds the brand persona with futuristic approach benefiting brands.

Virtual Reality

1920p, 4k, 8k is boring. Period. With the existence of VR and the infrastructure around it growing rapidly every single day, its great time to go VR and take the extra lead over others. With expertise and experience in VR technology along with advanced marketing strategies on our side we make sure that your VR campaigns are as smooth as an F-35 gliding through the skies.


Website & Application

Moving ahead with advanced technology we build relative, user friendly and easy to optimize website

Our creative driven team of experts will always thrive to deliver the ideal website for your brand. Get us involved for the most utilitarian, alluring and bilateral website

enhancing digital experiences

Specialized with Digital Execution, we are a World-Class strategic Marketing Company, recognizing brand globally.

Online Portfolio Management

An online portfolio is arguably more important than a resume. We at Rightik, work staunchly to build your professional portfolio. From showing your mission clearly to designing it perfectly for your audience, we will make the best suitable online portfolio for your brand.

Social Media Management

We create, publish, promote & manage.

Connecting with your customers, showing them exactly what your brand is about has become a very important aspect of marketing. Our creative driven team will work tirelessly to keep your social media pages up to the mark. We make your hastags go viral.

Online PPC Campaign

Way to attract new visitors to your site as this helps you to position your brand as an expert in your niche, increasing trust in the business and building your brand. PPC campaign management is about getting the most out of your PPC campaign. Our team makes sure that its set up correctly, optimize it effectively and adjust when necessary.

Creative Branding

We are talk about building something beyond the reputation of your company. We create your identity. With our team of creative designers, we make the best  impressions on your customers. With high customer satisfaction on one hand and instantly recognizable imagery, your brand will have smoothest walk on the  road of success.

Studio Lab

Our Team specializes in capturing patterns and turning them into visuals of ethereal beauty

We are a young team who dares to think big and isn’t afraid to be different. Most importantly, we believe in building trust and evolving constantly. Our mission is to constantly push our boundaries to be unique, creative and to turn ideas into brands. We proudly say about handling national and international level of marketing. We aspire to excel in services. At Rightik, our mission and beliefs guide the work we do.


Days of Continued Services


Online & Offline Viral Campaigns


Influencers & Celebrity Portfolio Management


Online Promotional Platform Management